We provide a REST API. You can use the API to access information from items or test runs, create or modify new items, manage user administration, create test runs, and much more. This allows you to automate recurring tasks in aqua via scripts, easily handle large amounts of data (e.g. assign thousands of users to a project), or create interfaces to your third-party systems or automation tools.

The REST API is documented in detail, with examples of the requests and the possible responses and contents.

As aqua OnPremises customer, you can find the documentation on the REST API help page at:


or in some cases:


Please replace <YourServerNameOrIP> with your server name or the server IP address.

As aqua SAAS customer, please visit the following page:

Please also note the following when using the REST API

  • The permissions and license of the user logging into the REST API will affect what is allowed. For example, you cannot create a test case using the API with a user who does not have permissions to create test cases.

  • The ID of items within the requests must be specified without leading zeros, e.g., 123 and not TC000123 or 000123

Accessing the rest API

Please follow the instructions in the 'Authorizations' section of our REST API documentation to gain access.

If you are using Java Script, Python, or Power Shell to communicate with the REST API, you can contact us at for additional support.

To enhance our service and provide you with customized API solutions, please update your infrastructure to allow aqua server to accept the X-Api-Client header.


  • Custom APIs: Tailored to your specific needs.

  • Better Integration: Smoother and more reliable connections.

  • Future-Ready: Scales with your requirements.

  • Fixed Versioning and Stability: Ensures stability without breaking changes.

Action Required:

Update your infrastructure to allow Aqua server to accept the X-Api-Client header. If you need help, our support team is ready to assist.

What If You Don’t Update?

There will be no immediate impact on your current setup. However, allowing this header will help us improve your experience with our API in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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