Capturing with screenshot

With Capture you can create unlimited number of screenshots with further edit, download, or text adding and share it with other teammates or send them to your tools which you use for a daily work with your team.

There are 2 ways to take a screenshot:

If you prefer not to install the Chrome extension but still want to take a screenshot, it's possible to do it from the dashboard. To take a screenshot from the app, simply click on the 'Take a screenshot' button if your dashboard has no existing captures yet and select what you want to capture.

Kindly note that when you record a video without the extension, no technical details will be available.

However, when using the extension, you can access all captured technical details alongside the screenshot.

Besides, with the extension you can take either a screenshot of the current tab or select area.

The 'Custom size' option is preselected, but you have the ability to modify it prior to capturing your screenshot. The extension will retain your most recent selection for future screenshots.

If you capture a screenshot, it does not record any steps. These steps refer to the actions you execute on a webpage while recording a video only.

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