Test data or Variables manager

A test case can be parameterized with test data. Open a Test-case and open the Variable Manager by clicking on the Data tab in the left navigation bar. The screenshot below shows two data sets (Rick and Morty) for testing a login.

The data is specified similarly to Excel. The Set Name represents the name of the test value set, and the columns represent the test variables (Name, Last Name, Username, Password, and LoginResult).

Open the Step designer in order to parameterize the test steps. Insert the variable Username by clicking on Insert Variable and then clicking on Username. A placeholder $Username is inserted.

If you run the test case, you can choose the value set via a drop-down menu.

As you can see in the following screenshot, the placeholder is replaced with the given value.

As soon as you make changes to the variable names, you will be asked whether the variables should be updated in the test steps in which they are used. If you confirm with Ok, the variable names are updated in the steps. If you click Cancel, the variable names in the steps are not replaced and will not be printed in future test executions.

Select the test case, whose data you want to use, and klick on 'Reuse data from selection'.

Now you can use the data from the other Test Case in this Test Case. If you want to keep the variables locally in this Test-case, click 'Copy over'.

If you want to execute all or a selection of parameterized tests as a group of tests, you can have a look at Test scenarios.

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