Creating custom report script

Scripting plays a key role in extending the functionality of aqua reports. It allows you to extend the capabilities of the report beyond just using the data contained within aqua. Scripting gives you the ability to enrich the report by extracting data from external sources such as databases or files. You also have the flexibility to save copies of the report to specific network drives and control which items are excluded from printing during each event band iteration.

To run a script on a particular event, you need to add a script function to the element's event. You can do this by linking a script method to the Behaviour/Scripts property. This property lists all the events that the selected element will trigger. These can be different for different element types.

Example: Apply different colour to areas

The appearance can be modified with the event β€œOnPrintPage”

The appearance doesn't necessarily have to be changed by the script. They can also be changed using formatting rules.

For users in a SaaS environment: Please note that the report script can only be managed from the desktop client.

The information on how to enable scripting mode for the On-Premise customers can be found in this article.

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