Preview item details

When you need to preview specific information, click on the item and then switch between the tabs below.

To preview related items in a different mode, click on the 'Dependency' and then pick the needed view.

'Graph view' is set by default to quickly see high-level information.

In case you want to check in more details linked defects, test scenarios or Jira issues, switch to the 'Tree view' by clicking on the corresponding icon.

aqua tip: If you want to add more columns to the dependency tree view, navigate to the item and add the column. It will be automatically added to the preview.

Open item via clicking on the title or the β€˜Open’ button

To open the item which you would like to check more deeply, simply click on the title or click the 'Open' button on the preview page block.

Additionally, you can open the item in a separate tab by selecting the corresponding option from the context menu.

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