Burndown chart template

When creating a sprint, you can now conveniently provide a title and description.

Once you set the start and end dates, the system automatically calculates the sprint's length, allowing you to see immediately if the selected dates are correct for 1-week, 2-week, etc., sprints.

You can set velocity which will be taken into an account once you build the burndown chart.

To properly display 'burned' points, ensure the default 'Points' field is added if it hasn't been enabled for the item yet on the template page.

Next, open project settings and under the 'Agile' tab, define the 'Definition of Done' for the item types used.

Once all settings are configured, navigate to the dashboard and click 'New Chart.' Then select 'Template' and choose the 'Burndown' chart.

Give it a title, select a project, and choose a sprint for the burndown chart. Save it.

Now you're all set.

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