Self-signed certificate

Jira can be configured to support secure connections via HTTPS. In this case, all HTTP requests are redirected by Jira to HTTPS. When a self-signed certificate is used by Jira, the Jira sync and also the sync configurator can no longer connect to Jira, as they will reject the self-signed certificate. The certificate must be marked as trusted on Windows to allow the Jira sync to connect. This can be done as follows:

  • Open Internet Explorer

  • Navigate to the Jira URL

  • Click on Continue to this website

  • Click on Certificate error in the address bar

  • Click on View certificates

  • Switch to Details tab

  • Click on Copy to File

  • Select DER encoding

  • Click on Next

  • Select jira.cer as filename

  • Click on Next and then on Finish

  • Open MMC (win+r, mmc)

  • Click on File and then Add/Remove Snap-in

  • Select Certificates and click on Add

  • Select Computer Account

  • Click on Next and then on Finish

  • Click on OK

  • In the tree, right click on Trusted People

  • Select All Tasks and Import

  • Click on Next

  • Click on Browse and select the certificate you saved earlier

  • Click on Next and again on Next and on Finish

Afterward, you can reopen Internet Explorer and navigate to the Jira URL again. Now, no certificate warning should be shown. Please note, that it is important to install the certificate to the Computer Account. Otherwise, your current user account will trust the certificate but not the service account which runs the aqua backend.

Errors during configuration

Login not possible

Check if captchas are activated. It might help to log in via browser once. If the login was possible before, you can also check if you need an API Token.

To handle this, proceed as follows:

1. Go to the atlassian provided website:

2. Login with the user that should be used as sync user.

3. Create an API-Token (Save your token somewhere save. The token is able to bypass Multi-Factor-Authentication via API)

4. In Jira Sync use the email-address of the user that created the token as username and the token as password.

5. Use Jira Sync like before.

Failed message

Server not reachable, check connections

Nothing is synced

  1. Check if you productively use the Jira sync user in aqua. If so, the sync will not work

  2. Check the timezones of your Jira and aqua environment.

Sequence contains no elements

Wrong IssueType.

No jira user found

Check with jira addon 'REST API Browser', if the user can be found via email or username. Add '/plugins/servlet/restbrowser' behind your jira URL to open the addon after installation and search for the users using the user picker (api/2/user/picker). Check if your jira user has the permission to search users.

Sync Errors - I cannot find my item

Below you will find a matrix of the most common Sync Errors and how to fix them.


Item exists in Jira, but not in aqua

Creation not successful

A sync error has been recorded. Please check the SyncConfigurator for SyncErrors.


Item moved in aqua

Moved items are flagged as moved. Thus, they will not be synced again.


Item deleted in aqua

Deleted items are flagged as deleted. Thus, they will not be synced again. The item can be manually deleted in Jira.


Item exists in aqua, but not in Jira


Issue Type Changed

When changing the issue type the item will not be synced anymore. Please be careful, when changing issue types, especially if there is more than one sync for different items configured.


A sync log will be written in the directory, where you can also find your aqua Client logs.

You can open this directory by typing (see path below) in your file browser.


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