Test execution results

The Executions tab in the navigation bar on the left side of a test case displays all test case executions. Information such as execution date, status, name of the tester and linked defects can be viewed here. The status of an execution is indicated as Failed, Blocked, Passed or Not Complete. You may need to Refresh Executions to see the latest executions.

Test results can still be modified. Executions that have been fully executed but not finalized can be finally saved with the Finalize button so that they cannot be continued or modified.

An execution can also be marked as irrelevant. This means that it will not be counted as executed, e.g. in reports. A reason must also be entered. The same button can be used to mark an execution as relevant again.

🛑 The Abort button can be used to abort the execution of an automated test case.

📂 Use the Open executed test case button or double-click on the execution to get a detailed view of the execution with all test steps and attached files.

🐛 You can also create or link a new defect directly from this execution.

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