Adding and managing users

View "Users" in user administration allows you to add users, assign an appropriate license according to your purchase, deactivate and delete users. Furthermore, you can reset a user's password.

Adding Users

For adding a new user press button "Add" from the Ribbon Bar on top of the window. A user dialogue will allow you to enter user details, assign the corresponding license and add the user to a project. In order to use the Single Sign On you should create users with the same username or the same email address of active directory.

Finding a specific user

In order to find a specific user, you can right-click the column header (e.g. Username) and select "Show Find Panel".

Resetting a Users Password

To reset a user's password, select the user and click the "Reset password" button on the right. If you press "Save" now, an email with a newly generated password will be sent to the user.

Important: If you do not click "Save" or "Save & Close", the password will not be reset, and no email will be sent to the user.

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