Automation Library

In aqua, you have the option to reuse test automation scripts by using a library. That enables a user to store test scripts in a cloud and to use it in different test cases. A test script in a library can be reused in different test cases and test steps. If a test script is edited in one step, it is edited in the library, which means that all other changes in other test cases correlate accordingly.

To use this feature, enter a test case, open step designer and automation. Then click on Show Libary.

If you click on the script, you have the option to add the script to a library. The destinations are shown in the library on the right-hand side, which is the folder structure of the actual project. After clicking on the Add to Library button

the script is inserted into the folder where the test case is stored. When you return to the navigation, you can find the script there.

If you want to transfer a test script from a library to a test step, you can easily do so via drag and drop from the right-hand library tree.

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