Last minute session replay

Share last feature is exceptionally useful in cases when:

  • You experience a bug that’s hard to catch or reproduce and you want to share a bug report on the issue that has just happened

  • You want to report the issue as soon as it happens

To enable ‘Last minute’ recording, please open the web page where you experience the issues or want to enable the background capturing and then click on the Capture extension icon on the toolbar.

Then click on the toggler to enable the feature.

Reload the page and then proceed interacting with the page as you usually do.

Once you want to report and issue or notice strange behaviour, click on the extension icon again and then ‘Replay last minute’ button.

Up to the last 60 seconds along with the technical details will be included into the report.

You can file a defect directly to aqua or to Jira with the collected details.

Please note that the extension does not track anything on any webpage unless you enable it.

In case you want to disable this feature, simply click on the toggle to disable it and then reload the page.

If you want to see at what domains the feature is available or add multiple domains for tracking, you can do so at the extension settings page.

Click on the extension icon again and then on the ‘Settings’ icon.

Add one by one all the domains where you want this feature to be available

If you want to remove the feature, hover on the URL and click ‘Remove’

Once you remove the domains, the extension will not collect any data on the background.

Please note that Capture extension does not collect or send any data to any 3rd party vendors while the feature is available.

The data is saved to Capture only when you create a ticket by saving it to the Capture dashboard.

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