Option to enable mic when capturing a screen and adding voice notes

Useful when:

  • You need to explain the complex flow and add some comments to enhance understanding.

  • Provide some instructions on how to test or reproduce the issue


If you don’t have the Capture extension installed, please visit our page at the Chrome webstore. If you don’t know what Capture is and are curious to learn about it before trying, there is a comprehensive knowledge base that you can familiarise with.

In case you have already Capture installed, then the new feature should be automatically available for you.

To start using it, click on the Capture icon on the extensions toolbar in Chrome

Then click the ‘Grant mic permissions’ button. You will be prompted to enable mic by chrome first. It’s required only once.

Then close this tab and return to the one where you want to start capturing.

Click on the extension icon again and then click ‘Enable the mic’

You can enable/disable the microphone while capturing too.

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