In aqua, you can enter parameters in order to specialize and filter your reports better. To do so, open the report designer. On the right side, you can enter a new parameter to the report, which can be used to specify or filter elements. In the following, we will explain how to filter the tested version of a test execution in a test scenario.

Aright-clicking on Parameters, you can add a new parameter. In the next screen, you can specify such a parameter with the following values:

In this case, you should specify our parameter:

Name: tested_version

Type: String,

Now, you can filter your band by left-clicking on "..." in the field Filter String.

To filter your aqua field using the report parameter, you have to click on the pencil left to the X and then on the book. A question mark is now visible, as shown in the picture below.

If you create a report on new data, you will receive the preview of your report with the data of your aqua system. On the left side, you can enter your parameter which you submit. The preview will have changed to the selected data. This can be exported and stored to your local desktop.

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