Executing test scenarios

You can execute either a selection of test cases in your scenario, or the entire scenario. To execute the full scenario, click 'Run all'. The execution window, which you already know from test executions, opens, and you can execute each test case step by step.

To execute a selection of test cases, select the test cases and click 'Run selected'.

Keep tabs on the latest local executions directly within your test scenarios. To access this information, simply click on 'Test Cases'. For a comprehensive overview of recent executions, head over to the 'Executions' tab. This section presents all executions in a clear table format, enabling you to effortlessly manage their progression. Whether you need to continue, abort, finalize, or flag executions as irrelevant, the 'Executions' tab provides a centralized hub for efficient execution management.

If you want to see even more detail, double-click an execution.

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