Review found or linked defects to the test execution

In aqua you have the possibility to check dependent defects found or linked during the execution of a test case. Thus, you can easily check, if the defect is fixed when retesting it.

There are multiple ways on how you can do it in aqua.

If there are any linked defects as soon as your execution has the status failed or blocked, the system will promt you to review linked defects.

When you click to view them, a window will open with an overview of all related defects, grouped by their status.

Via the 'Edit' option you can then open and modify the defect in a separate tab, e.g. set the status to 'Fix' or add a note with relevant information.

If there is a defect found during the test run, at the 'Executions' page there will an indicator. When you click on the bug icon, the modal with all connected bugs will be shown.

If you open a test execution details page, you'll see which test step has a linked defect and the bottom you'll see all related defects that you cn review and later retest.

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