Creating a defect from a test execution

While executing a manual test case, you can create a new defect by clicking on the 'New Defect' button from the ribbon. You can also click on the info bar, which promts you to file a defect as soon as you mark the step as blocked or failed.

A new tab will open and you are able to document and save your defect. Please make sure you have pop-ups allowed. The information from the execution is automatically transferred and the test case as well as the execution are linked to the defect via a dependency.

In addition, information from selection fields with shared value sets as well as text fields are also transferred, provided that these are named the same in the test case and defect.

After saving the defect, the ticket will be added as a dependency with a relation 'detected by' type and connection to the corresponding test execution where it was found.

Later when you need to retest the defect, from the Defect tab you can select a bug ticket and select from the menu 'Find dependent' => Test cases

And it will show you the test case(s) that you need to re-run.

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