Test scenarios

With test scenarios, test cases can be grouped for a specific execution purpose and executed from within the scenario. An alternative terminology for test scenario could also be test plan or test set.

The test cases inside the test scenario are not copied or moved, but only referenced, which means the current version of the test cases is always used when executing the scenario. You can therefore add the same test case to different test scenarios and the test case will have an individual execution status within each scenario. The execution list within the test case will still show all executions, whether they where executed from the within test scenarios or directly from within the test case itself.

Scenarios provide the ability to schedule executions, specify information about the scheduled execution, and easily evaluate the execution status of test cases in different execution contexts.

For example, test cases can be executed for a specific release or software version, for a test environment or test object, or for a specific test phase such as regression, and can be repeated as often as required. You can also define the execution order of test cases, set execution dependencies, specify value sets and automation agents, or assign testers in the context of the scenario.

To create a new test scenario, click the Newbutton in the navigation pane. A new tab opens where you can specify the new test scenario. The user interface consists of the following sections:

  1. Ribbon Bar

  2. Properties of the test scenario

  3. Description

  4. Navigation Bar

  5. Path

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