Create a test case from a test case page

Generating a test case from a test case page

You can generate a test case from the test case page itself too. The minimum required to create a test case is a bit of a context, but the more information you contribute, the more comprehensive test case will be generated.

Please note that you can create only one test case from a test case page. This is useful when you want to generate a positive path test case alongside a negative one, and vice versa.

To create a test case, first click the 'Test' button.

If you have multiple requirements linked to a test case, you need to select only one requirement as a basis to generate more accurate test cases.

If you have only one requirement, then no actions are required, it will be taken as the basis for a test case generation.

If you don't have any requirement linked, then you will be promted to select one.

You can either proceed with a requirement in this case or just give the context.

Once you provided the base information, select number of steps you prefer and a path.

Once a test case is generated, you can add it as an additional one or update the existing.

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