Diagrams are charts which are based on the data available in the report. Beware that even if a graph is placed in a band, the data used in that graph is taken from the whole report. Normally a diagram is positioned in bands that are only output once - otherwise diagrams are displayed multiple times.

To create a diagram, add a chart to your layout and click on 'Run Designer'.

Here, you can define via series, arguments and properties how the chart should look like.

  • The link between data and diagrams is made via series

  • Every series contains a grouping argument (x-axis) and a value (y-axis) which is usually calculated using an aggregation function (sum, count, average, etc.)

  • For the use of 2D diagrams, series can be added individually

To configure the 'Text Pattern' fields please use the following expressions:

  • {A} for the value from the selected field

  • {V} Absolute number, for counting the number of times the value occurs.

  • {VP:0%} Percentage (expandable with .0 for more decimal places)

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