The Report Wizard

The report wizard is a dialogue that helps you to correctly bind your report to the correct data. Once the layout designer has been opened, there is a filled triangle in the top left corner which opens a menu when clicking on it, allowing you to open the report wizard.

In the report wizard dialogue, you can easily pre-configure your report.

Creating an Empty Report will close the report wizard again.

The Data-bound Report will add some basic grouping and bands to your report.

The Label Report will add a panel in which all labels will have the same style.

In this demonstration we will only create a Data-bound Report as it is the report wizard’s most commonly used feature. To begin with, we choose the project field to group the report by.

Now we are choosing a Stepped outline.

Then the β€œBold” template.

And the proper report's title.

At the end, the basic design layout the report wizard comes up with is displayed below.

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