In requirements, you have the option to focus on collaborative work. The Show discussions button allows you to open a new slide where you can work in a real-time chat with other aqua users. To open that module, you have to click on that button.


In the new window, you can enter your text, which is visible for all users. The Edit mode is not necessary for entering text, pictures, and other documentation. By clicking on Post or CTRL+Enter, the post is moved into the chat.

All other users can see the message. It does not matter if the item is in locked or unlocked mode. Furthermore, you have the option to invite aqua users to the discussions. In order to do so, press @ or click the @ button and type the forename or surname. Select the username and press enter to confirm.

Comments in Description

In this example, the introduction on software testing was copied from After selecting a section of a text and marking it blue, you can add a comment regarding that section. Right-clicking on a selected item opens a context menu where you can choose Create comment.

Here you can enter your comments visible for everyone.

To delete a comment, right click on it and choose Delete comment.

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