Getting started

Hello there and welcome to aqua! πŸ‘‹

In case you are new to aqua, let us give you a short intro to a solution that empowers you to do QA efficiently from the very first minute.

aqua is an AI powered test management solution that was designed to simplify the process of managing, planning, and executing test cases and make QA processes transparent and efficient with a magic of ✨ AI and easy-to-use test recorder/bug reporter.

Whether you're a small team or a large organization, aqua is scalable solution tailored to meet unique testing needs of any company.

To jumpstart your journey with aqua, we recommend to go through the following options:

Demo video

  • 🎬 Watch a 15-minutes video where you'll be guided through main features and benefits you get. This video is an ideal variant to familiarize with basics and learn how to start.

Library of short tutorials

aqua web client

  • Learn about structure in aqua: projects, folders and items. Discover test automation, and understand how everything seamlessly integrates with each other.

Available integrations

  • See a list of all integrations in aqua or set up a custom one to connect with your favorite tool anΠ² submit test results or create issues.

If you are looking for a personolized demo, we are more than happy to connect and show you how aqua can help you bring testing at your company to the next level.

Fill out this form or drop us a message in a chat on the website. Our team will contact you within an hour.

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