Subrequirements break down your main requirement into smaller parts and you can create a structure with a specific hierarchy. The subrequirements like any requirement can be assigned to a specific user and have different statuses. Besides, you can cover subrequiremens with test cases or test scenarios or link defects. This allows you to monitor your process more efficiently. Finally, you can consolidate everything into a single document, which can include all executed test cases, closed and known defects, and calculated parameters.

Start by opening a single requirement and click on Subrequirements in the navigation bar. Here, you can create new subrequirements.

You can always go one level deeper and add a subrequirements to another subrequirement. E.g. you can select Chapter 1 on the left-hand side and click on Add. The new requirements will automatically be a subrequirement to Chapter 1.

Now you can complete all the details as usual and add a description. You can also use the Add button to select one of the existing requirements and insert it into the subrequirement structure.

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