Performance Improvements for Report Creation

In order to improve performance of report creation, it is important to understand the difference between server-side filtering and report-side filtering. Server-side filtering is done when a user starts to generate a report. The window below shows where a user can set filters ([Assigned to] equals Me). This is done on the server before data is sent to the client (or the report, respectively). It allows you to decrease the amount of data sent to the report.

Report-side filtering is set up in the report itself, i.e. the data sent by the server to a user’s client machine can be filtered additionally inside the report. A general rule of thumb for improving report performance is to set up a server-side filter so that only data that is really needed in the report is sent to the report (too much data slows down the report).

That is why a user can also configure the data sent to the report in general (it is an additional point for improvement) in more detail. A typical example is to exclude pictures if they are not shown/used in the report.

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