Create test cases from a requirement

Navigate to aqua and open an existing requirement or create a new one. Once you finish editing it, save your item and click on the AI Copilot 'Test' button.

Once the modal appears, the requirement will be automatically linked.

You can also provide some context to AI Copilot, so it can better understand your project or specifics of the requirement and generate test cases taking into account added information. This includes, for instance, a glossary of words that are unique for your project or some important information about the product or device that is under the test.

You can select whether AI Copilot should generate one or multiple test cases.

For a single test case, you can define paths: positive and negative. When you select multiple, AI will generate your test cases with positive and negative paths included.

When generating multiple test cases, you can review created test cases and decide which should be kept and which should be discarded.

To see all test cases, use navigation arrows

Here’s another neat trick. Once the AI Copilot generates a test based on requirement, it is immediately added as a dependency to the requirement. It will also be marked as covered.

Important Reminder:

Please be aware that AI Copilot can occasionally make mistakes or provide inaccurate results. We strongly recommend verifying any crucial information for accuracy.

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