User account

A user account can be managed either by a server/system administrator or a user with enough permissions.

A user account can be added, deactivated or deleted.

When a server/system administrator adds a new user to aqua, he needs to fill out the form.

Once the form is saved, the invited user will receive the welcome email with credentials to login to aqua.

The server/system admin needs to make sure that a license is assigned to an invited user, otherwise newly added user won't be able to login to aqua.

aqua team recommends to change a password as soon as a user logins for the 1st time. Here is the article on how it can be done.

Any number of users can be addded to the app with the same email, but a username should be always unique.

Due to regulatory compliance, some companies might be subject to specific legal or regulatory requirements regarding data retention and deletion. By handling deletion requests through a formal process, companies who use aqua can adhere to these guidelines more effectively.

Hence, the users without enough permissions can't delete their accounts and need to request a deletion or deactivation of the account from their server/system administrator.

To enhance personalization and creates a sense of identity and makу collaboration easier and effective, we recommend to upload an avatar or a picture.

Users can upload or update their avatar either from the user administration page or from the sidebar panel from the aqua app directly.

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