Email Notification

In aqua, you have the option to track changes via email notifications. You have different options:

  • Item: changed properties

  • Item: changed status (for multiple status use following syntax "Status1; Status2; Status3")

  • Item: Created

  • Item: Moved

  • Item: Deleted

  • Project Plan: Changed properties

  • Project Plan: Changed status

  • Project Plan: Created

  • Project Plan: Moved

  • Project Plan: Deleted

  • Project Plan: Gate/stage status changed

The language (German or English) of a notification can be defined in the aqua project configuration. The following screen illustrates an example.

Caution: if the subject is empty, the emails won't be sent!

There are two ways to configure notifications.

  1. Via project configuration Right-click on a project and define Project Default Notifications for all users, or define My Notifications in order to override project default settings.

  2. Via items

If you only want to track specific items, you can monitor your items. In order to do so, open an item and click on Notify. This allows you to receive emails about changes or to CC other project members.

In addition to the emails sent when items are changed, emails are also sent to new users with aqua login details and password resets. These emails are not modified within aqua and must instead be created using the mail template tool and uploaded to the server.

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