Running a test execution

Start a test run from aqua

Apart from the native integration with aqua, Capture has an in-built default capability for the QAs to run tests and report details directly to aqua test executions.

If you store your test cases in aqua, you can start a test session with Capture from the test execution page and file the events and screenshots to the test run automatically, so that you don't need to report anything manually or use any tool to take screenshots or record videos. All these options are available in Capture. The extension helps you to focus on the actual flow and verify that everything works as expected while running a test. You avoid switching between the aqua and the application or website that is under the test and have all data at hand.

Key features:

  • Test any webpage while all events from manual interactions with web pages will be automatically recorded: clicks, keystrokes, URL changes etc.

  • Edit the captured data to distil the essentials and define what exact events you need to save.

  • Leave comments or notes to provide additional information about what happened.

  • Take screenshots of the whole screen or specific areas.

  • Transfer captured details to aqua for further reporting.

To start a session, open a test case in aqua and click the 'Capture' button.

Once the modal appears, enter the URL of a webpage you want to test and hit 'Start a session'.

You'll be navigated to the webpage and the sidebar with the test case from aqua will be open, so that you can view what actions should be performed.

Once you finish the testing, all the captured data will be automatically transafereed to the test run and linked to the corresponding test steps.

In case there are any failed test step, aqua will promt you to create a defect in the project.

Once you create a defect, all captured data will be automatically transferred to the ticket.

Currently recording of the screen while you perfoming the test run with aqua test case in the sidebar is not available.Will be added with next release.

Record video or take a screenshot and add to the test execution

But If you want to record the video or take a screenshot with some technical details that you'd like to add to the test run, you can still do it.Just enable the extension again and select video record or take screenshot option.

Start recording from aquaOnce you finish capturing you'll be navigated to the Capture dashboard preview page. There will be a button 'Send to aqua'. It appears only if you have any test executions open on the background.


Once you click on 'Send to aqua', the video/screenshot with technical details will be transferred as attachments to aqua test run.

You can use this data to add additional information to the performed testing or can be used in the bug reports, additionaly when you create a defect in the system.To ensure that all information stored and you have smooth integration and backups, Capture automatically saves the link to the test execution. You can utelise it for addtional logging of the results, future reviews or in case you need to share it with someone,If you don't need to keep the test run details in Capture, you can unlink it.Please note, currently you can store only one test execution per capture.If you have already connected a test execution link to a capture, then once you decide to send a capture to another test run, then upon a save it will link the latest saved test run.

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