Exclude empty items from a report

In aqua reports, you have the flexibility to iterate through various elements. There might be scenarios where all requirements need to be iterated, resulting in a report header and a list of all requirements. However, there could be exceptional cases where no requirements should be displayed in the reports. In such instances, you may want to hide these elements. Below, you will find instructions on how to address this issue by setting elements to be invisible.

Begin by selecting the band you wish to conceal if there are no printable items. Then, choose 'Properties' and navigate to the 'Behavior' settings

You can now define a name and a condition. For example, you can navigate to the 'Variables' section and select the 'Data.Source.RowCount' variable, which returns the total number of rows in a data source. If the count is 0, then the band will not be printed on the report.

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