Nested Testcases

This topic is necessary for testers who want to reuse test cases as pre-conditions and post-conditions. A Default scenario, for example, is that you want to reuse login test steps in various test cases so should anything change, login tests steps only have to be changed once. A different scenario is that many test cases have the same setup test steps and the same tear down test steps.

It's also possible to nest a test case with test steps in the middle of defined test steps. For such a case, let us create a quick example of a scenario in which a browser is opened as setup test steps, a URL is entered as main test steps, and the browser closed as tear down test steps.

Save that test case and create a new one called Open andagon Page. This one has another two test steps.

To insert our test steps of the test case Open Browser into the actual test case Open andagon Page, go back to aqua's main navigation and insert the test case via drag and drop into our test steps. You will receive the following result. For the right order, push the nested test case up to the first position.

Here, you can define under which condition the test case should be executed. In this case, define Chrome and the inner variables.

By executing the test case, the parameters are automatically set for manual test execution.

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