Project wizard

In aqua, you can work with different projects at the same time. You can have different projects with different configurations, but you can also have different projects with shared configurations. You can create new projects and decide which configuration should be chosen to configure your individual project based on your specific needs.

Independent Projects

Start the Project Wizard by clicking on the 'Add new' button and then select 'New project'.

Please enter a unique project name in the Project name field. Select a source project in the select-box. Then, click on 'Create'. Your new project has the same configuration as the selected source project now. If you don't choose a source project, your configuration will refer to the aqua default project.

If you choose an existing project in aqua (not the default template), you have the option to copy items into the project. Your requirements, test cases, test scenarios and defects are copied into your new project from the source project. Now you can find your new project in your aqua environment with the same configuration as your source project.

Shared Projects

A project configuration can be shared. That means that a project always has the same configuration as the master project. If the master project configuration is changed, this change will be reflected in the linked project as well. All configurations have to be made in the master project and cannot be changed in the linked project. In order to create a linked project, choose the option 'Share template' in the project wizard and select a master project.

Important note: If two projects are sharing the same configuration, the dependency between both projects cannot be deleted. If you want to separate a shared configuration between two projects, we recommend to create a new project based on the given project and copy all items into that project.

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