AI Copilot: generate a comprehensive description for the test cases in just one click

With aqua’s AI Copilot you can generate a comprehensive description within a few seconds. The Test Case Summary feature offers QA professionals a convenient way to provide quick overviews of test cases without the need for wasting time to write or update lengthy descriptions. By leveraging this feature effectively, QA specialists can save time, streamline documentation processes, and ensure all project users have a clear understanding of the test case objectives.

You can utilise this feature from the test case details page or the navigation page.

Test case details page

When creating a test case, you will be prompted to write a description once you save the test steps.

Click the ‘Create’ button, and aqua AI will generate a description in no time. If satisfied with the result, just click the ‘Thumb up’ button, and the AI will preserve the description. In case the result doesn’t meet your expectations, just click ‘Thumb down’.

To check whether the result is good, you can click to preview the test steps based on which the test case description has been generated.

With the help of AI Copilot, you can update the description once something in a test case, referenced nested test cases or a requirement has been changed.

Just hit the robot icon next to the description, and AI Copilot will re-create the description taking the changes into account.

AI Copilot will suggest an alternative description under the previous text so that you can compare, edit and continue with the best outcome.

For a super quick update, you can trigger AI Copilot even from the navigation page.

Just click the icon and let AI do the magic.

You can preserve or discard the suggested description the same way as on the test case page.

Once you accept the change, AI Copilot will automatically update the test case description.

When a user modifies the test case with the help of AI, the change history shows what user launched AI Copilot. You will see their name as well as the time and the changes done by the AI.

If you want to learn how to create a test case with AI Copilot, read this article.

aqua AI Copilot is currently in beta and available to all trial users as well as public cloud customers upon request. If you want to enable it for you or have any feedback or questions, contact us at

Important Reminder:

Please be aware that AI Copilot can occasionally make mistakes or provide inaccurate results. We strongly recommend verifying any crucial information for accuracy.

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