Bugs or defects in software refer to anomalies or imperfections within a digital product that cause it to behave unexpectedly, incorrectly, or inadequately. These issues can occur at any stage of the software development lifecycle and can take various forms.

In aqua, you can file the defect from multiple places.

The most common one is from the Navigation page.

Hover on the 'Add new' button and select the 'Defect' option from the menu.

Once you click on the 'Defect', you will be navigated to the new defect page where you can provide all necessary details.

You can also create a defect from a navigation tree, simply select a project or a folder and then click on the plus and select the 'Defect' option. from the menu

There is also an option to create a defect as a dependent item from any item page. Just select this option from the ribbon under the 'Create dependent item' group.

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