Creating an Automation Agent

To run the test case, a corresponding aqua agent must be configured. Each agent has an individual access code. The code is generated in aqua and assigned to the agent. To do this, click on aqua in the main window then select -> Project Configuration -> Automation

Click on Add in the menu and choose a name for the new agent. An access code is automatically generated and must be assigned to the agent by the user. To do this, copy the access code to the clipboard or write it down for later.

The access key is needed for the configuration of agents. It has to be inserted into config file at local agent.

An XML file can be found in the folder where the agent is located like aquaAgentRanorexGui.exe.config

The generated access code must be entered into this file. The corresponding position is highlighted in the following excerpt:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <add key="agentCode" value="os99axfnqv6u1ujfm79m"/>
    <add key="aquaServiceUrl" value="http://aquaserver/aquaAPI/aquaAgentWebService.asmx"/>

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