Change password

When a user signs up or invited to a solution, aqua generates a password that you can use to do a first login.

However, we recommend to change it as soon as you get into the application in order to secure your account.

To change your password, click on the user avatar first and when the sidebar appears, click on the 'Change password' button.

Set a new password and click the 'Change password' button.

Starting from the next login, use a new password to get access to aqua.

In case, you forgot your password and can't login to aqua, click the 'Reset password' button.

You will be navigated to the reset password page.

Users who are on a public cloud, need to provide email and a tenant name. Tenant name is a special key that is added to your username after @ when you login to aqua. e.g. kate@tenantname

In most cases, tenant name is incorporated from your company name or domain used in your email when you signed up.

Private cloud and on-premise customers can reset a password by providing an email only.

In aqua, server/system administrators or users with the permissions, can reset the passwords for other users.

When a server/system adminisntrator resets a password, a user receives an email with new login credentials.

In all cases when the password has been reset, we recommend to a user who logs in, to change it to a new one as it was done on the first login.

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