Capturing with video

With Capture you can create videos and share it with other teammates or send them to your tools which you use for a daily work with your team.

Capture gives you an option to record:

  • entire screen,

  • app,

  • browser window,

  • specific tab.

When recording a specific tab, only the contents displayed in that tab will be captured in the video. However, it's important to note that native HTML selects - which rely on the browser's native operating system UI - and popup contents will not be visible in tab recordings.

If you need to capture interaction with these elements, simply select the "record entire screen" option instead. This feature also enables you to record video outside of the browser

Please note that Capture cannot capture technical information of user interaction with any program outside of the browser.

In Capture there are 2 ways to start recording:

from the dashboard,

with the Capture extension.

We recommend always use the extension, since when you start capturing from the dashboard, you will get only the video that doesn't have any technical details.

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