A well-structured backlog reduces workplace distractions by at least 10%, ensuring team members always know their next steps without needing to interrupt your workflow for guidance. This means no waiting around for your meetings to conclude, or your coffee breaks to end. It’s straightforward and efficient.

Every project now features a comprehensive Backlog that combines all requirements and defects into a single, organized list of issues. This list is enhanced with all the necessary item attributes to offer a clear overview and facilitate priority setting.

Create a New Sprint

Easily create a new sprint by clicking the Create new sprint button. Here, you’ll set the sprint's date and describe its goals in the description field. This is also an ideal place to include any pertinent information for those engaged in the sprint.

Add Items to a Sprint

Items can be seamlessly added to an existing sprint by utilising the drag-and-drop feature from the list.

Move Items Between Sprints or Back to the Backlog

  1. Navigate to the Backlog page.

  2. Highlight the items you wish to move into a sprint.

  3. Open the Context menu.

  4. Choose the desired sprint from the dropdown list to move the selected items.

To use the enhanced "Copy link" feature:

  1. Select Multiple Items: Click to highlight multiple items you wish to link from the list.

  2. Activate Context Menu: Right-click to open the context menu.

  3. Copy Links: Click on β€˜Copy link’. The links for the selected items are now copied with a delimiter for easy separation. This special symbol can be removed after pasting.

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