In order to connect a database agent to aqua, you have to go through the following steps. First, extract the database agent zip file and open the aquaAgentDatabaseGui.exe.config.

Here, enter the agentCode and the aquaServiceURL.

  <add key="agentCode" value="yd7zhzc5bd2fiydkyu9j"/> 
  <add key="aquaServiceUrl" value="http://youraquaserver/aquaAPI/aquaagentwebservice.asmx"/> 

The rest of the config file is not necessary to connect the agent to aqua. The agent code is generated in aqua, and assigned to the agent.

Next, click onto Connections in the Agent Server Configuration in order to define the database.

Within the test case, you can insert a database test script. The connection has to be defined in the drop-down box, the query has to be inserted, and there is an option to enter a check value. In order to use variables, place them between '&', e.g.: A variable called 'User' can be used in the query or in the expected results as '&User&'.

MySQL example

  1. Download and install (full install) MySQL Connector for .Net on computer running DBAgent ( )

  2. Restart DBAgent (if already running)

  3. Open aqua -> Project Configuration -> Testautomation -> Connections

  4. Create new connection (Choose "Generic")

  5. DataSupplier = MySql.Data.MySqlClient

  6. Adjust connection string to match MySQL Setup (server, user id, password, database)

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