Quick Preview of Items on Backlog Page and Scrum Board

Step 1: Navigate to the backlog page and either press the space bar or click on the preview icon to initiate the preview.

Step 2: With the preview panel now open, move between items to instantly view their content directly within the panel.

Step 3: For a more detailed look, including descriptions beyond just the fields, hover over the panel and scroll to explore further.

Step 4: In case you need to open the ticket to check comments or dependencies, simply click on the expand icon and the item opens in a separate tab.

Step 5: If you would like to share the ticket with your colleague, click on the link icon and the URL will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

Step 6: When you want to close the preview, just press the space bar again or click on the preview icon.

Step 7: Previewing Tickets on the Scrum Board

  1. Navigate to the Scrum Board: Access your project's scrum board where all the tickets are organized.

  2. Opening Ticket Preview: Click on the preview icon next to any ticket or simply press the spacebar to open a preview of the ticket.

  3. Switch Between Tickets: Within the preview mode, you can easily switch to view other tickets on the scrum board, similar to how it's done on the backlog page.

Ticket Preview Functionality

  • Last Previewed Ticket: Activating the preview feature will display the most recently previewed ticket.

  • Page-Specific Activation: Preview functionality can be independently enabled or disabled for the backlog page and the scrum board.

  • Navigation Page Limitation: The preview option is not yet available on the navigation page.

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