Add links to a description

You can also add links to web pages in description fields. To do this, click on the insert/edit link icon or use the shortcut ctrl+k.

You can then enter a display text as well as the URL. If you select some text in the Description field before clicking the link icon, the selected text will automatically be used as the display text. The Protocol box allows you to specify the protocol to use, such as http, https or even ftp if you are linking to a file on a file server. You can also use Link Type to link to a phone number or email address instead of a URL. The 'Target' tab allows you to specify where the window should open. However, most browsers do not allow this, e.g. Firefox or Chrome always open a new tab.

After saving the item, the link in the description is highlighted and can be directly opened by clicking it.

If you want to modify the link, you have to select the text (make sure you do not select any other characters) and then click on the link icon. The existing link will be displayed and can then be modified.

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