KPI alerts

KPI Alerts are very useful for improving the overview of your project. A KPI Alert will change the look of your chart if a certain expression is true. This allows you to see immediately if something significant is happening in your project.

If you would like to configure KPI alerts, simply click on the 'KPI Alert' option. Here, you can define alerts based on specific conditions being met. For example, you can add a selector such as a specific status. Next, select your desired comparison operator, such as 'greater than', and add a number. This will create an expression like 'In Progress > 3'.

To customize the appearance of your KPI alert, choose the colour you want the bar or pie to have when the expression is true. Finally, to save your alert, simply click on the plus sign next to it.

To save your chart, simply click on the 'Save' or 'Save & Close' button. Once you have done this, your first chart will be visible on your dashboard.

If you do not wish to define warning colours for specific values being exceeded, but instead want to define the colours of the statuses in general (or any other field you are grouping by), you can easily create a KPI alert for each status. In this case, you would use the logical expression ">=1" and specify the desired colour for that particular status.

It is important to note that when grouping by the status of the last test case execution, the expected colours are automatically applied. For example, green for passed, red for failed, and so on.

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