Requirements coverage

Requirement coverage refers to the extent to which the requirements of a project or system are addressed by testing. It measures the effectiveness of the testing process in ensuring that all specified requirements have been tested and validated.

In aqua, the Requirement Coverage status appears when at least one test case or test scenario has been added to the requirement as a Dependency.

When you want to check what requirements or subrequirements covered by a test case or test scenario, you need to open the β€˜Requirements’ tab.

Then on the right-hand side, choose β€˜View’.

Select 'Requirement coverage' from the column selection pop-up and drag it to the requirements grid.

Hover over the Requirement Coverage column and click the Filter icon. When the status dropdown appears, select the value by which you want to filter the items in the grid.

If you want to group your requirements on the grid by a Requirement Coverage status, right-click on the 'Requirement Coverage' column and select 'Group by this column' from the shortcut menu. The items will be split between the 'Covered' and 'Not Covered' groups.

To view requirements that fall into a particular group, simply select the appropriate group to expand the set, and click again to collapse it.

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