Creating a defect with Capture

Capture is a powerful tool that comprises two capabilities in one solution. The first one is the option to automatically collect you important data or create some media to illustrate the bug or an issue while performing the manual test execution. To learn more about recording your execution session read this article.

You can also set up an integration from Capture side.

Integration with aqua give you an option to file defects with technical data directly to a project or folder in aqua.

You can set up an integration in just few clicks and it's possible to do either from the Apps page or from the preview capture page.

The connection to aqua should be configured only once and then you'll be able to file defects or requirements to aqua projects from any capture preview page.

To set up an integration, you need to click the 'Connect' button at the apps page or click the aqua icon at the top panel.

You'll be navigated to the integration page where the link to aqua app is already pre-filled. If your aqua base URL is different, you need to copy it and paste into the box and click the button 'Set up'.

That's all! Your integration should be configured.

Once the integration with aqua is set, the aqua icon will become active.

To create a ticket with a capture, click on the icon.

You'll be redirected to the 'Create a ticket' page.

Select a project and/or a folder and issue type. Then give it a title and click the button 'Next'.

The new ticket will be created in aqua with the details from Capture and link to the screenshot or video.

When you save the aqua ticket, the system will automatically connect the link to aqua ticket to created capture.

You can also view if there is any linked aqua ticket to a capture from a dashboard. On a hover you can see the title of the linked aqua ticket. Once you click on the icon, the aqua ticket will be open in a separate tab.

You can always copy the link to the connected aqua ticket or unlink it any time.

If you want to remove the integration, then navigate to the apps page and click the button 'Disconnect'.

Please note, that once the connection is removed, the previous linked tickets won't be removed, but you won't be able to create new tickets in aqua from Capture.

Please be aware that currently, actions performed within the eframe embedded on the platform will not be automatically interpreted as events, nor will they be automatically saved as actual results.

We are working on enhancing this functionality, and updates will be provided as they become available. If you require these events to be captured, manual logging is necessary at this time.

Currently the aqua team works on the Capture 2.0 version. If you interested to join the beta users to try a new version first, contact us at and we'll add you to the list. Please note we have limited number of spots, so we might not include you in case all the seats are taken.

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