The grid is a very powerful feature in aqua. It gives you the option to create Views and to display filtered items only. These can be sorted and grouped into different fields, which gives you an optimized overview of your development tasks that are in the focus of interest.

The example in the following screen shows test cases, illustrating which cases can be created with the grid. Switch to the module navigation in order to do so.

Test Manager Example

In this scenario, we have 9 test cases, each with a different workflow status and Last execution status.

It is possible to group these elements, right-click on Status and click on Group By This Column.

This will return the following:

...which can be expanded.

Furthermore, if you click on an item in the grid again, you can click on Show Group By Box. Here, you can allocate different fields via drag and drop so that all your items will be clustered.

To change items within that field, mark the corresponding items and use the right mouse button as you would do to assign them to a person. Mark them followed by a right-click and click on Change:

These fields can be changed without opening them.

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