To search for an item at the project level, enter a keyword into the search box and press the 'Enter' key.

By default, the system will begin searching for items that meet the specified criteria within the project.

If you wish to search for tickets within a specific item type, you may select that type from the dropdown menu prior to initiating the search. Similarly, if you wish to filter results that are of the specific item type, you may select it from the dropdown after results for all types of items have been returned.

Once the items are found, you can open one of them from the pop up by clicking on the title. If you want to check a group of items and apply the filtering next, then click on 'Show on the grid' and the items will be filtered and displayed.

To reset the list on the navigation screen, simply clear the search box by clicking on the cross.

For your convenience, we also added a shortcut Ctrl+K to trigger search and added 5 recent searched words, making it easier for you to find items in no time.

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