Additional project settings

Or there is a faster way, click on the needed project on the project navigation panel and then on the 3-dot menu.

When you navigate to the 'Settings' page, select what option you want to define for your project.

In case, you want your users to always add the expected result in the test cases, then click on the checkbox next to the option.

Sometimes it's required that QAs have to fill out the actual result during the testing. You can set it as a mandaroty field for the test execution too.

On the Integrations tab, you can set up the integration to Jira for this specific project only. Read more in this article on how it can be configured.

If you want to simplify backlog management and keep it clean and transparent for other stakeholders to see current priorities, or you don’t want other teammates to see some tickets in the backlog until you finish your part of the work, then at the Agile tab you can define with what tickets with which status should not appear on the backlog page.

Simply click on the checkbox next to the status and then save the preferences. Now your backlog won't show these tickets and the list of items is much shorter and easier to manage.

Note: This setting doesn’t hide the columns from the scrum board. You can move the item to any column to change the ticket status. Once you remove the item from the sprint, however, it won’t be visible in the backlog anymore. You can still find the ticket on the ‘Navigation’ tab.

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