Using Capture with Edge

If you prefer to use Edge, but still want to try Capture, no worries.

You can add the Capture extension to Edge by following this steps.

First, you need to download the extension package from our official github page.

Check the version and select the one you want to install.

Then, download the .zip package and unzip it.

Then open the Edge browser and click on the 3-dot menu, then click 'Extensions' and select 'Manage extensions'.

Once you land on the extension page, please enable 'Developer mode'

Then click on 'Load Unpacked' and upload the file to Edge.

Now pin the extension and give it a first try.

Or you can get the extension from Chrome that will be synced with Edge.

From the extensions page, click to jump to chrome webstore from Edge.

What you need to do is to type in the search bar 'Capture: screen recording&sharing' or 'aqua test recorder' and once it promts you with the extension, jump to the Capture page and then click the 'Get' button. As soon as you allow installation from Chrome in Edge, Capture will be addded to Edge.

Now you all set! Enjoy using Capture and let us know what you think at or

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