Items grid

The tabs of the Item Grid display the elements of the selected project or folder in an organized way (requirements, test cases, test scenarios, defects, scripts). You can easily move items between folders by dragging & dropping. At the bottom of the Item Browser, you can navigate between pages if there are many items, and specify how many elements to display per page (50, 100, 200).

To display the items that are in subfolders in the list, go to 'View' and select 'Include subfolders'. If you wish to display items and the projects which have been archived, go to 'View' and select 'Show archived'.

When you right-click an item in the Item Browser, a context menu appears that allows you to quickly edit the item. If you select several items at the same time (by pressing the CTR key on your keyboard), you can use the context menu to perform bulk/batch edition on the selected group, similarly, or move multiple items to the desired folder at once.

You can initiate the following actions from the context menu:

  • Rename

  • Open items

  • Delete items

  • Copy and cut items and insert them elsewhere using the context menu

  • Copy a link to the item

  • Add dependencies, to items that you have previously copied to the clipboard

  • Display all dependent items in a list

  • Change field values without having to open the respective item

  • Add test cases to a new test scenario or to the existing one (only for test cases)

  • Create report based only on the selected item/items

If the list of fields available for editing exceeds 20, it will be divided by 10 and grouped alphabetically.

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