Discussions (comments)

Within requirements, test cases and test scenarios, you can discuss individual items with other project users. In case of defects you can collaborate via enclosures, which can be additionally categorized as notes, descriptions, solutions or replication procedures. If there is no discussion yet, you can create a new discussion below the description of your item. To start a discussion, click the 'Create new post' button.

In the new discussion, you can enter a text which will be visible for all users. By clicking on Post, the post is moved into the chat.

All other users will see the message. It does not matter if the item is locked or unlocked. You can also invite other aqua users to join the discussion. To do this, press @ and start typing the name of your colleague. Select the username and press Enter to confirm. The mentioned user will receive an email informing them that they have been mentioned.

After you posted your text, you can still edit or delete it.

Using the Discussion tab in the navigation bar of the item, you can jump directly to the discussion area below the item description.

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