Archive project

To keep your item list tidy and quick to use, you can archive old items or items you don't use. Archiving old items will improve the performance of aqua. To archive an item, right-click on it and select 'Archive'.

The best way to archive many items at once is to create a filter. How to create a filter is described in detail in the Views chapter. For example, your filter might look like this

By clicking on the 'Set back to active (un-archive)' button, you can un-archive all the items that are displayed in the view.

To show or hide archived items in the view, click 'Include archived items' in the view settings. To see which items are archived and which are not, we recommend adding an 'Is Archived' column to the view. All archived items will be marked with a folder icon in this column.

Please note: Archiving is not applied in the Rich Client, i.e. archived items are still displayed in the Rich Client.

Archiving permission is assigned in roles via the Configure Project permission (as this can also be used to archive entire projects).

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